Student Ministry

New Song Community Church has a clear vision for Next Generation Ministry.

On Sunday mornings, we intentionally have our 6-12th grade students stay in for the entire worship service. They engage with the adult teaching. And, they are also highly encouraged to serve in the church. We believe they should... "Set the example for the believers in their speech, life, love, faith, and purity (1 Timothy 4:12)."

On Sunday evenings, 4-5:30pm, we offer a 6-12 grade student ministry. During that time, we offer Confirmation for Jr. High students. For more details on Jr. High Confirmation, click here. And, we offer Bible Topics for Teens for High School students (Jr. High students not in Confirmation join in with the High School group.). 

In, Pre-K through 5th grade, we want our children to learn the faith (To learn more about Promiseland KIDS, click here.). In Jr. High, we want them to own the faith. In High School, we want them to live the faith. This way, when they get to college, they will keep the faith

We also offer various social gatherings, retreats, service projects, mission trips, etc. during the year for our students.

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