At New Song, baptism is for anyone of any age.

Every single one of us, no matter where we are at in life, are held captive by sin and cannot save ourselves.

Through baptism, using the simple element of water and the Word of God, God mysteriously unites us to the forgiveness of sins in Jesus Christ and claims us as His own; His sons and daughters.

This is where your journey with Jesus begins!

Are you ready to get baptized? Are you ready to baptize your children?

Talk to our Pastor Danny Tutweiler. He would love to talk with you and set the date and place for this. He has a three-session class, one hour each in duration, to prepare you and your family for baptism.

If you'd like more information on what we believe about baptism, click here.

To know more about what we believe, teach, and confess as a church, click here

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